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DS C01111 imagesPamela’s Blind and Window Coverings endeavours to increase our customers' awareness of the aesthetic value of window coverings, and the advantages of cleaning them to retain their pristine look for long-term investment.

We also emphasize the health risks associated with dust that accumulates on window coverings. Inhaling it over a long period of time may trigger an allergic reaction. If you are cost- conscious and value good health, have us rid your home or place of business of the destructive dust that settles on your window coverings.

We pride ourselves as the professionals to call, to provide you with fast, reliable and personalized service.

What We Do

Blind Cleaning

Learn more about how we clean your blinds, why we use our preferred method of cleaning and how much it will cost to have your window treatments professionally cleaned by us.

Blind Cleaning


We sell top quality and in-style window treatments. These include blinds, shades, drapes and shutters plus we custom-make cornice boxes, valances and other bespoke window coverings.

Window Treatments

Interior Decorating

From colour and paint consultation, furniture arrangement, upholstery selection and even home staging for resale: together we can design one fabulous room or a whole house of your dreams.

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